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Thank you for checking out my bio!

Although I will not be doing your hair, my face might be the first one you see. I am always happy to greet you and show you around, making you feel right at home!

I will be here to answer any questions you may have, and if I don't know the answer I make it my mission to find it for you!

I consider myself a people person and love to help in any way I can, so never hesitate to ask questions or express your concerns.

If it looks like I am living my best life behind the desk, I can promise you that I am! Aside from booking your appointments and greeting you at the door, I am also working on ways to elevate your salon experience, as far as marketing, branding, social media, guest experience, just to name a few. 

Although I am not a hairstylist, I have been working in the beauty industry as a Makeup Artist since 2009, primarily in Bridal. 

"My mission was always to make women feel beauty and confident, while highlighting their natural beauty and features, allowing them to still feel like themselves."


When I am not in the salon, you might find me hanging out with 5-year-old daughter Lilyana, and depending on the day you might actually see her hanging around the salon giving new guest tours. 


I love art in every form, I spend a lot of my free time dancing Salsa and Bachata,  creating music, writing, or unwinding in a book. Reading is one of my biggest passions! Which always inspires me to pass on my takeaways with others. 

I have a passion to motivate and inspire women. I love to find ways to tap into internal self-esteem and not just external confidence. One of the ways, I do this is through conversation. I and I am a pretty open book, so if you are ever at the salon and want to have a chat while your color is processing, I am all ears! 

Sign: Cancer

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