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What types of haircuts do we offer for curly hair?

A curly hair cut is recommended for new guests. Your hair is dry sculpted, cleansed, conditioned, hydrated, and dried. This allows for us to modify your cut, recognize your porosity, and identify the best curly girl method for you. An express curly cut is what most existing guests receive. There is no washing, detangling, treatment, or styling. Guests come in, consult, get a dry cut and check out. 

What services do we offer textured hair?

We are certified in advanced Deva Cuts, as well as Pintura Hand Painting. Level 1, Level 2, and Advanced Rezo Cuts, along with taking classes with Rezo Lites.  We are always taking curly classes, both online and in person and have had the pleasure of learning from Nubia, creator of Rezo, and Evan Joseph.

  • Iconic curls

  • Full Curly Haircut

  • Express Curly Haircut

  • Coiled Style

  • Wash & Go

  • Twist outs

  • All color safe services

  • Wig Installs

  • Silk Presses

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Curly Q+A

We use MUK. hair color, which is a vegan brand of color and is 80% plant based. Enriched with avocado oil and babao oil for extra protection! Your hair health and integrity are always our number one priority. You can trust us! For lightening, we offer pintura highlights and Rezolites, as well as balayage and traditional foils.

What kind of color line do we use?

A curly cut is an hour to 2 hour appointment. It includes the full dry sculpting curly  haircut, cleansing, detangling if needed, conditioning and styling on curly hair. After the washing process, we place you under the drier or diffuse until dry. During this process, we make sure you are fully equipped to perform the “Wash and Go" curly girl method at home. This service is recommended for all first time guests.

What is the difference between a curly cut and an express cut?

Deva Cut? Rezo Cut? Quidad Cut?

We are fully aware that Deva Curl has come under a lot of scrutiny lately! We offer a variety of products because not one head of curls is like the other, all of our curls are like a fingerprint. We still support a number of Deva Curl products here at Hairitage, and we recognize that Deva Curl paved the way for the curly hair movement. That being said, please let your curly hair specialist know if you have any allergies or have had any reactions in the past to Deva Curl products.

All of our stylists are considered curly hair specialist and have not only attended countless education seminars, but have curly hair themselves and or hundreds of hours of experience. We customize every cut to every guests needs.

How Do I Prepare For My Curly Appointment?

You should make sure that your hair has been washed either the day before or the day of. The hair is to be lightly styled with little to no product. The hair also must be 100% dry and detangled as much as possible. If you come in with tangled/matted hair, we charge extra for the detangling process. We also charge extra if you come in with your hair not prepared correctly for the dry sculpting cut.


Why do I have to Prepare for my Curly Appointment?

The dry sculpting cut is done on 100% dry hair, so if your hair is braided, and pulled into a bun or ponytail, your true natural curl pattern is not showing and we cannot guarantee a proper service.


Make sure hair is CLEAN and DETANGLED. We charge a detangling fee if hair is tangled or matted. 


Hair must be lightly styled in its natural form. No buns, ponytails, braids, etc. 


If we need to wash and style your hair before cutting, we do charge a fee for having to re-style after the cut. 

What Clients Say

"This is hands down the best haircut I’ve ever gotten! Jessa did my hair and she was so sweet, made conversation, and gave me tips on how to take care of my hair. I usually avoid getting my hair cut because hairstylists never do my thick wavy hair justice, but Jessa really worked her magic. I got a trim and curtain bangs, but Jessa also added layers to make my hair more uniform so that all the volume didn’t bulk up the ends of my hair and…WOW! I can’t stop obsessing over my hair! If you have wavy or curly hair, Hairitage is definitely the place to go!"

-Kristen Hagemann

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