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Quamiah here, the junior stylist at Hairitage Hair Lounge, come be my muse, the source of inspiration to my creativity !

"As a Curly Girl I understand the essence of feeling

Valued, Empowered, and Confident!"

It's such a privilege to have the opportunity to learn and grow  in a salon that not only embraces but informs you on how to love and care for your crown!

One of my passions is doing wigs. I know first hand the importance of protective styles when it comes to wigs. My passion for wigs came with being able to change up your look whenever you feel, or in need of a confidence boost.

I love how many beautiful looks can be created!

Unlike other hair salons that promise good health and confidence in your hair, when It comes to curly hair that comes with a great deal of understanding,  I found that here with Hairitage. 

I know how it feels to not have healthy hair and not feeling confident with the crown you were blessed with. I take pride in healthy hair that you can feel confident in rocking on a daily basis.

When I am not behind the chair, you might find me diving into my art. I love art! Painting to be exact. 

Currently I am on a spiritual journey of rediscovering the depths of  myself.

I look forward to seeing you and possibly getting to know you better while visiting the salon.

I look forward to getting to know you, through your hair journey, and am super grateful for this opportunity and your trust in my journey in growing my skill set. 


Sign: Libra

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