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Yo hablo español

"A Hairstylist touches more hearts than hair!"

I’m Dixiana, but you can call me Dixi! I am a Costa Rican girl happily born and raised in Somerville, NJ! As a Hispanic woman I have always been inspired to inspire.


Growing up, going to church with my family was huge. I was there 3-4 times a week and was a praise dancer. Dancing was my way of uplifting people’s spirits. 

Now I am lucky enough to continue to fulfill my purpose of uplifting people through the art of hair. 

When I wasn't at church, I was always practicing doing hair on mannequin heads that I asked for christmas. I never doubted my future in becoming a hairstylist. It’s what always made me happy, and I wasn’t wrong.

Here at Hairitage it is such a welcoming, fun, and positive vibe for everyone! Just by walking in it might be easy to spot me because of my loud laugh! Lol I love to laugh and hope I can get everyone laughing and with a smile in the salon as well!

I love doing all hair but I have a special love for Hair Extensions. I feel Hair Extensions allow everyones hair dream to come true instantly. Have it be length, volume, or a color. Hair extensions can make it happen. 

I am a person so driven to learn and so driven for the journey to becoming the best hairstylist I can become! I want to be able and achieve all of you hair dreams no matter what they are.

When I am not behind the chair you can find me looking for my next reggaeton concert or trip to Costa Rica or at any restaurant! I am definitely a big eater!

I can’t wait to bond and laugh with you while making you feel like the queen you really are!

Sign: Aquarius

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I recently had my curly hair cut by stylist Dixiana. She did such a phenomenal job of bringing my curls back to life. She gave me an excellent consultation beforehand. We bounced around some ideas but I was open for whatever would bring my bounce back and the cut just evolved. Everyone at the shop was awesome. My next appointment is already booked!

-Gia Sodbinow

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